Updated 17 January 2019

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$8900.00 Click Here

Buy a X1/9 Australia keyring for $4.00 each plus shipping Australia wide for $3.00.

If you ever lose your keys they will make contact and returns them via this website.

Looking to buy an X1/9?

Almost all X1/9's in Australia have been logged and recorded.  So there is plenty of information and history on cars for sale.


So If you see an X1/9 for sale and it’s not listed here. There would be a good reason why.


You're probably wondering why there is such a large gap in prices between cars. It mostly has to do with rust. Cars priced under $6000 tent to have rust and need work. 


You start to find better examples around the $10000, and better still around the $16000+.  Series and colour also play a big part in the value.


Make sure to check it’s history and never buy sight unseen. As they always look good in pictures. You can see or request an X1/9’s profile via the Facebook group.


If you don’t do Facebook, then buyer beware.