Black Rock, Melbourne

Updated 18 September 2018

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Selling an X1/9?

When selling an X1/9, it's essential to provide the correct and accurate information about your car. As now almost all X1/9's in Australia have been logged and recorded. So reconsider advertising a car with 80,000Km when it's 480,000km as the correct information will be posted on Facebook and this website. 


If the car has rust show it, if it has leaks show it. The days of flipping these cars to the next sucker are over. So it's up to you the seller to be truthful about what you're selling. Otherwise, you're going to own it forever. All X1/9’s are checked with government sources if stolen or marked as written off. Historical information, as well as past sale history, are available on Facebook. If an X1/9 is not listed on this site, there may be a good reason why it's not.